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Recommended For Medium/High Competitive Keywords

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Startup Digital Marketing Package

$1,500.00 available on subscription from $1,500.00 / month for 6 months

– 2 URLs (one domain)
– 10 keywords
– Page one guarantee N/A
– One location

To know in detail about the package please check the below description.

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We Will Work On 2 URLs From Your One Website Domain

We Will Rank 10 Keywords In Google

The Keyword Will Be Ranked For One Place

We Will Rank Your Keyword But No Guarantee For Page One N/A

Detailed Analysis Of The Website For Multiple Factors

Competition Analysis For Competitor

Top Niche Keyword Research

Current Website Condition Report

Google Analytics: We will set up Google Analytics for your website. It provides all the information about the users.

Webmaster Tools: What google is thinking about your website? Webmaster tools helps to know about your website and how Google is measuring your website.

Open graph: Getting viral in social has a big impact and with Open Graph helps it.

Google Schema: Google schema is very crucial.

Knowledge Graph: Is your website is relevant to the search query? It helps a lot.

AMP: Most of the website users are from mobile. Is your website mobile optimized?

Page Speed: What is the speed score of your website?

Mobile Friendly: Is your website is mobile friendly? We will do it. It will drive more traffic to your website.

.htaccess : This is also very useful for SEO.

Robots.txt file: To check if NAP match Google places.

SEO friendly URL: It also has a good impact in SEO too.

Canonical SEO: This is very important for SEO.

Sitemap submission: Help all the search engine to index your website.

Broken link removes: We will check all the broken links in your website.

Silo SEO Website Structure: This helps your website to index your website content very fast.

Cache: Helps to load your website faster for users.

Image Optimization: Reducing the image size helps the website to load faster and it also increases the page speed.

Google Business Page

Bing Places


Yellow Page

Etc. Top 20

Facebook Business Page

Twitter Business Page





And Other Social Networks



Daily Motion

Web 2.0



Google Stacking



  • Keyword Ranking Report
  • Monthly Action Plan
  • 24/7 Live Project Tracking

Recommended For Medium/High Competitive Keywords

Turn Around Time : 15 Business Days




  • First URL:
    • 5 Related keywords
    • 2 Additional keywords for Tags
  • Second URL:
    • 5 Related keywords
    • 2 Additional keywords for Tags

Citation Details

  • Company Owner/Contact Person:
    Business Name (use the EXACT company name as in MyCompany, Inc. consistently across all submissions. Do not mix it up with variations like MyCompany, LLC or MyCompany Corp. or just MyCompany):
  • Street Address:
  • Suite/Office (if any):
  • City:
  • State:
  • Zip/Postal Code:
  • Business Primary Phone Number:
  • Toll Free # (if any):
  • Fax# (if any):
  • Business Category #1 (at least one is required):
  • Business Category #2:
  • Business Category #3:
  • Website Address:
  • Primary Email Address :
  • Secondary Email Address (if any):
  • Brands you sell or use (if any):
  • Products/Services – comma separated up to 200 characters :
  • Year Established:
  • Hours of Operation:
  • Languages Spoken:
  • Payment Methods Accepted:
  • Tagline (if any):
  • Company logo: (have a digital copy handy to add to sites that ask for it and/or have a URL for one)
  • Service Areas (cities, counties states or radius from your office – e.g within 50 miles of my office):
  • Contractor#/License# (if any) :
  • Business Images (have handy some examples of your work that you can add to the listings and/or have a URLs for them) :
  • Company owner picture (have a digital copy handy to add to sites that ask for it and/or have a URL for it):
  • Video URL’s – (if you have a YouTube account, get the code for any videos that you would like to include on your site:
  • Short description of your business – no more than 200 characters
  • Long description of your business – length varies by website


Gmail Account Access

  • To set Google Analytics & Webmaster
  • To set Google properties like, Google Site, Google DOCS, Google Photos, Google Spread Sheet, Google Drawing, Google Drive and more

Bing Log in details

  • To set Bing Webmasters Setup
  • To set Bing Business account

Other Social accounts.

  • Make us admin for Your FB page.
  • Send us details of other social accounts. ( if you have set them up)

Note – Send Us the above Log in details. If you don’t have the details, then we will set the account.


1. Content Management System Log in Details (CMS Log in details)

Your site should be run on WordPress, Weebly, Magento, Joomla etc. We will need Admin Access For On page SEO & off page SEO

2. Cpanel Log in details Or FTP Access ( For Image Optimization, .Htaccess, Site Map & Robot.txt)

3. Articles For Your Website. Important!

We Need Articles For Your Website. That’s a Must. If You CANNOT Provide or purchase the Articles from us, we cannot proceed with your order.

What content do we need for your site before we start your SEO Campaign?
  1. One Article per keyword
  2. Articles Of 1000 to 1500 words, with Keyword Density of around 2% For Home page
  3. Articles Of 500 to 600 words, with Keyword Density of 2% For Posts